Monday, February 25, 2008

only in Sri Lanka

Has anyone realized,this conflict of terrorism that has been a regular feature in this Island for as long as I can remember, has not resulted in one tourist been killed. The very poor marketing on the part of the tourism industry both public and private is totally to blame for the lack of tourists. Statistically, one still is in greater danger from motor accidents than being affected by an act of violence.

The scenes, in Nuwera Eliya,where we have one of the most beautiful golf clubs in the world did not have one person playing golf on this poya morning which is a holiday. In any other country people would be in line for hours to get a time to tee off.

Words cannot express this amazement as it was such a wonderful location and place, and one felt one owned the place for lack of other custom!! The most expensive golf club in the world would not be in a better location, and with this element of exclusivity and privacy.