Thursday, March 20, 2008

living true to oneself

There comes a time in a person’s life when one can be very clear about one’s opinions and how one can live according to those opinions formed from one’s life experiences.

Many people don’t have time to form those opinions and therefore feel they have yet to find the true meaning of life, and never finding it even at their deathbed.

Life is very simple but we have complicated it unnecessarily and therefore have to suffer the consequences of this complication. It is hard enough for most people to live, to eat, to earn and go about ones daily duties to one’s vocation, family and livelihood.

We seem to make a business out of complicating our lives and this is particularly so the more people we associate with as we have then to interact with different personalities and opinions. It is therefore simpler to be cutaway from society than be in society, but the trade of is that of being content with ones company as opposed to with others.

In reality due to the busy life we lead with time being a precious commodity, any leisure time with friends and family is always appreciated. However too much leisure with too much interaction with either family or friends, brings with it another dimension of complications and therefore this too should be managed effectively.

Spiritual freedom where you can form your opinion on morality, religion and ethics, based on your life experience and not be a slave to someone else’s dogma is the ultimate release of mind over matter. Thereafter your coping skills are firm and unwavering but you are able to continuously evolve your opinion based on your personal development as you age and change.

We all want to be happy within, whatever show we put for others and how we define happiness varies from each individual, and what makes us happy can also change from day to day. If one is true to oneself one can find a measure of happiness and contentment as we are not all fortunate to receive all we would wish for in this life and have to settle for what we have managed to acquire in mind and in kind.

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