Saturday, May 30, 2009

The cussedness of the petty bourgeoisie is hard to fathom at the lowest level

It is worth noting that some time ago, the actual distribution of water was the responsibility of the irrigation engineers who were able to gauge the total held in the reservoirs and how much was able to be distributed, along with the managing of the individual distribution channels, as well as the placing and throughput of the pipes through which water was distributed to individual participant farmers in the respective scheme, taking into account the land extend requiring paddy cultivation and other crops.

As an electioneering ploy, where farmers complained about the fairness of the distribution, and the fact that the engineers did not know farmer requirements, farmer societies were set up and this society governed the distribution of water to the members. The result of this was that this practice was open to corruption, where the members of the committee fiddled around with the water pipes, sometimes digging them deeper, so more water could go into their fields, and to cut a long story short, meant that only the powerful in the society, and those who have leverage were able to steamroller through objections. The typical way was if you are unhappy with the way things are done, then overthrow the existing hierarchy and put your own. It is easier said than done.

The upshot of this environment is that my complaints have failed to get my allotment of water due me at the best of times, and now that this has been curtailed due to prevailing shortage of water, there is less likelihood of me getting even a drop, let alone the 65% of normal allocation I am entitled to. Despite my saying that if they are unable to supply me with water, I will resolve to pump my requirements from a river, not a channel that too has been prevented. I have no option but to continue to pump, as otherwise my crops will completely fail. I have sunk costs I wish to recover and so will suffer the consequences.

One issue that requires mention is that there is gross misuse of water by farmers, far more than they require for their particular crop. This is one main reason for some not getting enough when others get too much. In normal years, even though I get little, and I pump water from the river, my neighbors up the channel, allow excess water to go into the river, when they should just close their pipe, which will enable me to get the water. I therefore, due to their entitlement for something they do not pay nor need, have to pump some of this same water that is allowed to flow into the river further upstream.

Water is essential for agriculture. It is not appreciated when it is free. From my experience those farmers who pump water from agricultural wells and rivers, are the more efficient users of water only taking what is necessary as it costs them money. All water is used more than once in farming as in the case of a rivers, where excess water flows into them, and down stream other farmers either pump the water or by the use of anicuts divert water to their fields, and this process goes on until the final excess flows into the sea. Using the canard that farmers downstream use water so I cannot pump is a facetious argument, as all excess water through seepage eventually goes to the lowest point, which is usually the nearest river, unless of course agricultural wells suck up some of these sources too. Increasingly this will be a bigger issue in the future, and my solution is to ask farmers to pay a price on usage, so the value of water will be appreciated


Kalusudda said...

The water seems to be a continuous problem for you. Perhaps it will continue to be for any foreseeable future so getting ready for long term solution might be in your interest. If pumping from river is prevented you will be able to dig a well near the river and pump from it. Or as the last resort you might be able to search for legal help.
But for the issues at hand, pumping water with your tracter;
I did some assumptions and caculations using your photos and I think your pump will do best at around 2900 RPM (Max) or 1450 RPM (numbers in brackets are for this speed,) for long continuous runs and for 3" input. So instead of increasing the fly wheel(May be I misunderstood, you were talking about the pulley all along), you can change the pulley sizes. If you have a driver pulley that is 6" and driven pulley(at the pump) that is 3" you will need to operate the tractor at 1450RPM (725 RPM) to get the best output. But dropping the driven pulley down to 2" (if possible) your tractor needs only to provide 966 RPM (483 RPM). As you know the lower the rpm of the tractor will save you more fuel. So adjust the pulleys to give you the best solution. I also assumed that the belt length to be 72" giving center distance of pulleys to be about 30" apart. There are also other factors that need to be taken into account, such as the suction height, delivery hight etc.
Good luck with your water solution. If you still need to find the best flywheel size (actually it could only be weight from the photo), please answer this comment.

Anonymous said...

The solution is that all land from the farmers in your area should be expropriated with compensation given (Even Yours!).

It should be sold to a private corporation who will develop and farm it on a large scale efficiently.

You are wasting time with your efforts. They make no economic sense and are only contributing to the wastage, inefficiency, and environmental destruction of our country.

It is because of fools like you and the people in your area that we are encroaching on elephant territory and ruining our land.

Anonymous said...

Anon, if you expropriate the land, giving fair compensation, that will force the homesteaders to go somewhere else, taking up land and doing the same thing over there. Unless you propose that they move into apartment blocks, which don't exist, and work as laborers, like tamils on the tea estates, largely for the benefit of the estate owner rather than the worker.

Personally, I like rajarata rather than those homogenized mountains of tea, which are largely benefitting the capitalists behind the estates rather than those working the estates.

Public policy question is therefore: For whose benefit do we want to develop SL's economy?

In a democracy, the capitalist fatcats will probably have to moderate their positions.

Rajaratarala said...

while i dont suggest we reverse this as we already expropriated the land of the wealthy and distributed them to the poor who cut down the trees and built homesteads, we should stop this process, which is still going on. giving more land to landless is not the answer as no one now goes into farming. We should use existing land more effectively. You cannot turf people out of their homes anywhere in the world! as is being suggested by someone who probably would not like to be turfed out either! as I am sure a case could be made as to why he should also be evicted, possibly with more rationality than in my case!

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