Friday, February 26, 2010

New Birth

The male calf born three days ago will either end up on a table as ninety

five percent do or be of some use.

.We will try along with the other male born two months ago use them to pull a cart or to use them to plough where the tractors have failed as described in earlier blogs.

A little appreciated fact despite all the pretend talk to the contrary, is that there is no use at all for bulls. At least in India cow dung is valued and collected along the roads also and the males play there part in this.

Don't forget there is limited fodder for cattle feed so a considered plan is essential in achieving the dual goals of maximizing milk production and prohibition of cattle slaughter, if that is part of the government policy.

As usual in anything agricultural there are unelated issues that always puts a spanner in the works of achieving the productivity and potential from our land. Until these conflicting aims are resolved there is no point in making silly stetements and scoring political points to fool the public.

This is but one example of many similar issues.


Anonymous said...

it seems like you are having many new births on the land. beautiful calves.

can you post a time-elapsed photo series so that we can see them growing up? you could also do so for your rice

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!