Friday, July 1, 2011

The constant attack on progress seen as a threat

There are many cases I can refer to in my practical experience and the latest was the threat a harmless homeless person had to undergo when he was given a job.

My sister and I share adjoining properties in Hingurakgoda, and she recently found a person from the South who just wanted a job, with a place to stay, and was known to one of her in-laws as an honest person who does not drink or smoke. So she put him in charge of her property.

From the first day, there were people making frightening noises in the area and throwing stones on to the roof, and generally trying to pretend that the place was haunted so they could chase him out of fear. I knew the trick as I had personally suffered similar harassment, and told him to sit it out and they will eventually give up. Thankfully for my sister he did and the need for a roof over his head overcame the fear of the night, and it paid off. I am pleased for him further as after less than 6 months in the area, he even managed on his own to find a wife from a place not more than 3km from the property, so that now he is not alone and is more committed to getting the place into a state, I was never able to make due to not having a permanent occupant in the home.

The coconut thieves and those who stole almost everything from the land there now no longer have that chance and are now looking in envy how this man is slowly transforming the place into a veritable garden of produce and plenty. I was there yesterday and seeing the transformation made me so happy both for him and my sister who for the first time was able to come away with 400 coconuts in the back of her vehicle, which will at least cover the cost of the diesel for the trip. I can see her new found joy at owning agricultural land and getting produce from it. The lime tree was so lush with limes, and I told her that twice a year she can harvest about 60kg of lime from that tree and even at today's retail price in Colombo of Rs100 a kg she can make a lot of friends happy even if she does not sell it but distributes it. Previously it was all picked and plucked by those who believe it their birthright to steal and not plant, as a lime tree can be planted anywhere in that area, as it requires very little maintenance.

The current state of law and order and the example of grand theft and larceny shown by this government is used as the excuse for the small man to steal. It is important to be able to show that our leaders can be incorruptible and therefore an example to all, and I wish I live long enough to see the day that will return to our resplendent land.


Anonymous said...

The heading belies the real content, as I thought it was an anti growth piece. Far from it is an example of our psyche where those who contribute to the economy are despised and thugs and looters admired.

Anonymous said...

"I wish I live long enough to see the day that ..."

Pray for a long long life!