Sunday, July 1, 2007


My memory for remembering events that happened as recent as yesterday is poor. I have had this problem for as long as I can remember. It is a struggle to remember names, dates and even to put names to faces.

I suppose unlike most people I have had the experience of meeting a large number of people all over the world and combined with living in three countries and working in many more areas, it is very hard to remember everything.

I have tried various exercises suggested by people, but they have not helped. I make this point because I know people with the phenomenon called photographic memory where they can remember past events with incredible detail.

As for watching movies, often after a year I watch a movie not realizing I had seen it before. In a way this is good as I can watch the movie after three months, and not remember the plot line! When I write my journal I find it hard to recall everything I did the previous day especially when I have performed numerous tasks.

I know memory deteriorates with age, but my contention is that each person has a level of skill in remembering, be it events, dates, discussions or numbers and so recollection can vary by individual. This is most embarrasing when I meet someone who recognizes me well and I cant even recall meeting him once. He can therefore feel slighted when I do not acknowledge his greeting.

I can however logically and rationally make conclusions based on analytical thinking to compensate for the bad memory. I have not used this skill to benfit me, in my daily life as I see those people with a good head for facts, are sometimes completely incapable of logically deducing an answer if they had not heard it before.

I hear there are pills one can take to enhance memory, and to prevent loss of memory.


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