Sunday, August 19, 2007

high security zone gone crazy and lawmakers insane

I just got back from an incredulous event. At 7.45 pm I drove my only vehicle a Tata 207 single cab open flat bed (defined as a truck under the SL rules) from my sister's place in Pamankade to my father's house in Bambalapitiya (also where my ID and my drivers license show as my address).I went along the Marine Drive, to deliver two single beds and mattresses, and was stopped by the Army at a checkpoint. I was told I was entering a High Security Zone.(this was the first time I was aware this was also HSZ) When I showed them the High Security Zone clearance permit I had obtained with much difficulty following a rigorous procedure of red tape, that was valid from 8am to 8pm, I was told this was not enough to let me through as today the rules have changed so that the permit must show every road I am permitted to travel on.

I cannot think of anything more ridiculous. I deliver produce for a living and go through roads as and when my customers request items. I need to know every route that the HSZ covers and no one knows that, and then enter every road within this zone which will take a book and not just the permit. As usual the security forces just follow orders blindly, not realizing the ridiculous nature of what they were requesting and the point was lost on the poor private with not an ounce of common sense. When I said I was going home as is obvious from my ID, was I supposed to leave my vehicle in his charge and walk home?

What have these security men got for brains? We are supposed to fight terrorists, not prevent people from going home or making life difficult for ordinary folk, by changing rules at a whim with no notice. While I know that ignorance of the law is not an excuse, when the law is an ass ignorence of the ass is actually called sanity and the law maker is called acinine.

Within two weeks of getting a permit one is told that is not good enough and I have to have it altered to enter all the street names in HSZ that I travel in. What is the private was wrong what recourse do I have? At least a note on the change of the law can be given me and I can then take it to the issuing authority to request an alteration.Now I only have the word of a soldier to relate to the police inspector requesting an alteration.

As noted earlier those who make laws and rules are not covered by them and therefore have no clue how ridiculous their orders have become.

When a man cannot earn an honest living doing an honest job can you blame him for becoming a terrorist. No wonder we have spawned a JVP uprising or LTTE terrorism, its all the fault of the lawmakers not knowing the ground situation and the innocent majority have to pay the price.


sol@rion said...
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sol@rion said...

Hello Rajarata,
I almost feel I know how you feel when I was in South America,(quite a few countries) Doing good old aid work and received similar treatment. But I cannot believe that you were prevented from going to your own house! Well at least I am reading your Blogs and wanted to suggest that later turn these into a book! Keep it up and Please continue writting!