Thursday, September 20, 2007

its hard to communicate

Today September 21st, morning. I was up at 5, I completely scrubbed and washed the shop verandah as well as the kitchen section sink and counters as they looked very dirty and had completed the task by 7.15am when the shop was opened for business in Godagama.I showered and took the bus from Godagama, 21 KM from there to my sister's in Pamankade. The bus fare 26 rupees or less than 25 US cents. It took me one and quarter hours to get here, by 9am.

This is my third attempt in the past two weeks to blog. First the computer or ADSL line was down, second time, while I was on line, the power failed and everything crashed. I appear each time to be prevented from this communication.

Just another noteworthy point. On the walk from the bus stop to the house, there was a water puddle on the side of the road and a bus went screeching past into the pussle and the ladies in front of me in theie sarees going to work I presume, were drenched in the pot hole water. What can I say? who can they turn to. Will they not look slovenly when they arrive at work? They probably have already spent the better part of two hours to get to work. The people in power as I always say have no idea of the people without power and what realities they face.

There are so many simple things in life we should try and resolve before trying to sort out the bigger picture. In my opinion the simple things when resolved will make the bigger problem go away too.

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