Thursday, September 20, 2007

my first hospital stay

I have travelled the world and have been to numerous hospitals all over the world to see patients and accompany others etc. The incident noted below resulted in my first Hospital stay overnight, though one can hardly call it overnight been warded at 2.30 am and discharging myself around 2pm.

I have the utmost regard and admiration, first for the nurses, who were impeccably dressed, very pleasant, professional and curteous and firm. The doctors who were thorough in examination. Remember I was seen by 3 different doctors in the space of 8 hours.The cleanliness of the rather dated building. While I was there the ward was swept three times.I was a little disturbed at the level of tolerance of the dogs, but I understand that all hospitals have an infestation of dogs wondering around the place where the wards are open. The new tower blocks will not have that.

I was not told what medicine was administered, and in my case I had to swallow the pills, which I later understood to be pain killers, without water.

The male orderlies were a slovenly lot.Lazy to boot always picking on the nurses!! Talking more than working.The patients were very docile and accepting of all orders without a murmer.

Most of all this is free health care, with no request for any money or bribe at any level. Full marks Sri Lanka National Healthcare system. I am proud to be Sri Lankan.

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