Friday, October 5, 2007

keeping mossies and bugs away in the village

I live most of the time in a small agricultural plot in Hingurakigoda, where I do not have electricity or running water. We live out in the open with only a roof for cover and the breeze through in the verandah does the work better than an electric fan. However there are mosquitos that have to be dealt with and we sleep under mosquito nets, if we are to get a good night's sleep. Before bed however, one method of keeping them away is to light one or two mosquito coils, and or rub oneself with citronella oil and make sure one either has a sarong and have hands covered to reduce bites.

Instead of all of the above, what we now do is to use the plentiful supply of Margosa (Kohomba) leaves to burn in a pot, and the resulting smoke keeps the mosquito and other night flying insects away.

The photos show Amila in the process of lighting it and the other the lit pot in the verandah where we live. It has now become a daily routine at dusk.The awful smell of mosquito coils is no longer an issue using this natural remedy.

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