Monday, October 22, 2007

going forwards in reverse

I was just the other day presented with a book of writings by a man who is advocating going back into organic cultivation and undoing what we have done in terms of not using chemical anything be it fertilizer, pesticides or weedicides. I was contacted today by a nutritionist who has a phd and who did her thesis on Milk production and consumption and she said how harmful the milk powder touted by all is. Now that we have a milk powder shortage, we need to extol the virtues of drinking whole milk and more to the point give positive encouragement to milk production. I am a milk producer who only drinks milk from my cows and not condensed or milk powder. However I am losing money in this venture due to a whole host of reasons not least being the Rs 20 a liter I get from the Milco company. I am now trying my best to get my neighbours to buy my milk at Rs a bottle which will help me a long way in reducing the loss. I also have to get some good milking cows and do away with the pin gonas that people dump on me which I have to feed at vast expense for no reward.

In this same vein I saw an interesting sight in Kithulgala yesterday, where buffaloes were ploughing the fields. I have to share those photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday TV program said that John Deere invented that plough!.