Saturday, October 6, 2007

corn on the cob

Last evening I plucked 300 corn from my field and brought back to Godagama, for sale. I brought the rest of the plant also, for my cows and food before it dries up. So now I am struggling to sell this corn as there are so many reasons for people to complain why they cannot boil it because the gas cost has gone up. On the way side and in villages the corn is boiled using locally gathered firewood, but in Colombo and suburbia that is not possible, so the gas cooker is the only option, and cost of boiling the corn exceeds the cost of the corn. So bear this reality in Sri Lanka, the high cost of energy, be it electricity or gas for cooking.

So I will now have to boil the corn in my shop on the farm and sell to those who want to instantly eat them. I will have a supply of corn for the next month as I have planted them in stages. I also have a cost of energy in using pumped water to irrigate the corn fields. My breakfast plate above is fresh corn plucked and boiled in the open firewood fire in Hingurakgoda on this trip.

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