Friday, October 12, 2007

life is no party

Photo taken on the way to Polonnaruwa from Anuradhapura before it started pouring buckets

My friends are often under the assumption that I am living a retired life of a country squire. While I say I am living the life of a village peasant. The reality is different to both those perceptions.
Today is Saturday, I will briefly show what I have been up to in the past week.Last Saturday after leaving Galdola Farm with 650 king coconuts, at 7.30 am for Colombo, after selling the lot, I spent a few hours at my sister's blogging, then went back to the farm, closed the farm shop for the day, and went with my father to Paradise Farm in Kitulgala in time for dinner, and meeting after dinner on the plan to manufacture the required 25,000 kg organic fertilizer per month at the farm which is a totally organic farm of 75 acres.
Sunday was spent first visiting a section of the farm I had not visited before, and then discussing the monthly budget of the farm and how to turn the farm into a break even position as quickly as possible after the mismanagement by the last manager who has now been dispensed with. After returning to my farm I had to go to the Meegoda Economic zone at 8 pm to get supplies for my farm shop for the week.
Monday morning was a matter of loading up with produce to deliver to homes and businesses in Colombo. The Tata cab had a flat tire fully loaded and we spent an hour changing the tyre as we do not have a pneumatic jack.The delivery process was delayed accordingly, getting back home at 8pm.
Tuesday I had to be at a meeting in Thalawatugoda at 9am and went to see a canning factory in Gampaha with a view to processing papaya pulp for export. Then back to meetings at Thalawatugoda, on how to improve the running of the farm and dealing with the soon to be fired manager.
Wednesday was a 5am start to Anuradhapura to inspect properties with a view to buy or rent for the factory to process papaya pulp a project I have been engaged to look into as a prospective venture as the export market is available.I saw about 12 properties and then at 5 went to a tank for to bathe before leaving in the lashing rain to my agricultural project in Hingurakgoda in Polonnaruwa.
Thursday was spent collecting produce both from my property and also from my neighbors. I packed two varieties of rice, coconuts from my trees, karavila (bitter gourd) and cucumber and corn on the cob from my field.Kekiri, Murunga(drumsticks),Woodapple,and Pumpkin from neighbors. By the time I left for the Godagama farm it was 4pm arriving at 10 pm.
Friday another day of selling 700 king coconuts, I still have 25 unsold and now I am blogging before going back to Shop duty and taking care of the shop all day tomorrow
That's my week.

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