Friday, November 30, 2007

Margosa or Kohomba also known as Neem

I have mentioned earlier about the wonders of the Kohomba plant/tree. It has both medicinal properties as well as a wood that is just out of this world in its beauty. In my cabin in Raja Ela, the doors and windows are solid kohomba and so are the beds as well as my planters chair. My latest acquisition is the kohomba desk that one of my neighbouring carpenters made for me. It is exquisite and I was involved in the design process so that I wanted a very simple style to show the beauty of the wood. In order to preserve the desk I had sealer put on at every stage of the manufacture and not just after it was finished. The drawers make maximum use of the width of the table and are practical in that it is as deep as the width. I am also having a chair made to match this desk so the set will be complete and I will have a study and work surface to comfortably enjoy the scenery, see the photo so that I have the full view of the river and the life on it which will inspire me to be creative in thought and word.


aurelio_nicastro@hot said...

Hello i am from Italy,i am looking for some seeds of neem or margosa you know how to get it?,thanks

Anonymous said...

I have a house on the beach in Kirinda, the doors and windows are all made of kohomba wood, some of my doors and windows were stolen, I am having them replaced again with kohomba, I hear Kohomba is bit expensive than other comparable wood, but it is stronger and durable. It has to be completely dried before construction. Kohomba trees grow in the wild in Kirinda, Sri Lanka.