Friday, November 9, 2007

organic coconut oil

In our own way I have produced what I would consider some of the best coconut oil one can buy in the market that is made in a home as opposed to a big factory. I obtained 300 organic coconuts from Paradise Farm in Kitulgala and took them to Hingurakgoda where they were dried, husked and split open and dried further and then using a fire drying method see photos for further drying due to the wet weather. They were then cut into pieces by hand see other photo and then taken to the mill and pressed into coconut oil with the by product being poonac. I retail this oil at Rs 200 a bottle.The common misconception amongst the upper middle class in Colombo is that vegetable oil which is marketed better and is more expensive is in fact better, where as the coconut oil that is pure and produced this way is far better and I sell it at a lower price than the vegetable oils available at supermarkets which are imported!!


voipniche said...

Never Knew it was made like this! I thought you pressed the nut as it is!
Thank you for the lesson!

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