Monday, December 24, 2007

the beaches of Sri Lanka

I was priviledged on Friday, December 14th at short notice to be invited to Galle by some friends. On the following day we went to bathe in the Rumassala beach, a totally unspoilt beach in the Galle harbour which is slightly off the beaten track. One has to trek for ten to fifteen minutes down a fairly steep incline to get there over boulders and rocks, but the walk is worth every bit as this beautiful clean bay awaits you.

It is great that in Sri Lanka one is continously being introduced to these wonderful delights that makes one happy to live in this paradise isle. Oh if only politicians would leave and let ordinary people live, what a wonderful place it would be!!!

After the long dip in the water with appetites like lions,(sorry lionesses) we were treated to some super food at a restaurant in Unawatuna where my spheghetti in seafood sauce was one of the best I had tasted anywhere.

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