Friday, December 7, 2007

i created a paddy field from a patch of grass!!

Two days ago when I was coming through a clearing past the large Siyambala Tree (Tamarind) I saw this expanse of grass that had the tall scratchy mana grass mounds. It was the old 'kamatha' where the paddy is driven over by buffalo or tractor to seperate the stalk from the grain and then the grain is swept into the paddy sacks or put into the 'wee bissa' for storage and use.Due to new technology of using threshing machines, this practice has gone the way of the landline phone.

I was on the hunt for more space to plant my paddy seedlings and the thought occurred to me to try to see if I can convert this patch that had not seen any planting, but pressed down with years of straw, into a working field. We cleared the tall grass, diverted the water into it, dammed it from one side to prevent it flowing out at the lower end, and hey presto a lake was created. The tractor was then used to turn up the soil that looked packed with nutrients and the edges were cut into the center creating a fairly large field.

I have decided not to put any fertilizer and as I am sure that the soil here is better than any other place on my land, I am curious to see if the grain I get from here is drooping as compared with other areas. Even my staff are now amazed at the size of the field previously covered by weeds.

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