Tuesday, January 1, 2008

looking forward to 2008

I am looking forward to this year.I start this year desperately searching for a good diary, as I want a page for each day, as I have a lot of content to journal due to the life I lead and the different paths they take each day. In fact I need a few other regular desk diaries for my staff at different locations to record their work flow and rain fall and planting schedules, like when nursery is seeded and also details of daily harvest, and method of disposal so they are aware of their productivity. Even the shop needs one to record daily activity.It is actually quite a complex series of data that is easier to log on diary than in other formats in the absence of computers.

I have a very hectic planting schedule, and I have to complete a store to keep paddy so I do not run out of rice for my shop, like I have at present. I am planning to use the existing foundation of a house to build this to store about 1800 bushels of rice paddy.I also need to arrange for funds to purchase paddy from farmers immediately on harvest before they sell to others like they did last season and I did not have the wherewithall to purchase them.

I am also ambitious enough to attempt to plant three seasons on my land, something no one here has attempted. So once I do back to back paddy cultivation, I want to have produced sufficient compost to immediately spread at the end of the second harvest and then plant vegetables in the dry season the time prices are about three times current market price due to shortages. Much depends on the reliability of the staff and the enthusiasm they show to follow my plan, so I have to motivate them.

The extra commitment to get part time work, to supplement my resources will put added pressure on me to work even harder, but the need to have my forest cabin ready for occupancy, and the attendant costs leave for another tough belt tightening year.


voipniche said...

I came to read my weekly doze but I think you are busy.
Thinking about new crop to fill may be pulses will be in order. It will put nitrogen that other crops take out of the soil. Catch you soon.

sol@rion said...
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