Friday, January 11, 2008

a new way to look at life

"""My pair of spectacles finally gave way, and I had no option but to wear my old pair from school days in Cambridge, England, bought with toughened glass and curved sides to go tightly over my ears in order to play cricket without them slipping and falling.They are 35 years old, and I can see with them without any problem.
I went to a wedding the following day, and I was greeted as if I had started a new fashion. Another person would have been most embarrassed to have even worn them in company of friends and acquaintances and risk derision. I had not the slightest hesitation."""
BTW my suit is about 20 years old and the tie not much less, the ones in the pic.


It occurred to me this morning,that I have now passed my grace period of living in Sri Lanka and have no intention of leaving the shores again. Everyone I know who leads what I call a conventional life, however find it very hard to live under very difficult conditions and many are in the process of making plans to have some kind of exit valve out of here.
I have therefore concluded that the secret to living in Sri Lanka and enjoying what the country has to offer without regrets, one has to lead an unconventional life which takes account of what is good about the country and try to avoid being in contact with what is bad.
I have had a few nasty interactions with people this week, where out of a sense of conventional behaviour, I was found at fault, but I did not care a rats ass about what they said as their views were exactly reflective of what is wrong in this society. They are bound by how things are done here, call it tradition, call it practice, call it other peoples expectations. When one lives without questioning whether that is actually better or worse for ones personal well being, and the well being of ones intentions, then you make a choice as to whether to adhere to it or change from it, by making a rational assessment.
Only those who make this rational evaluation can come to a balance of how to live within one's own principals compromising only where necessary for the greater good.
I have therefore made a resolution for the year to further assess my actions to determine if they are rational or just reactive ones following expectations and conventions, and then determine the course of action to follow. This is inevitably going mean I may come into conflict with those who do not like the choice I have made, but I can only explain why I make that decision and then stick to it.
This practice makes others also evaluate what they have hitherto done out of habit and not out of conscious willingness. I believe I have achieved a modicum of success if I can get others to think similarly so they are aware of the choices they make, and why they make it.
I know this all sounds very philosophical, but this is the only way to live in chaos. Our society today has conflict, and danger lurking in every corner and normal activities in other countries are quite an effort here.We cannot foresee if or when this condition will change, but we have to live in these times and making this assessment helps us to give purpose to this life, and not live in a fatalistic way as most people, especially Buddhist do.
Fulfillment and happiness should be goals to live by, and that is possible in every society,even those that are dangerous, unpredictable and violent, when we take an alternative approach to our lives, not following a norm.
In my interaction with people I find those living an unconventional life appear to live more contentedly.They are not bothered by what people think of them for living this way, nor are they questioning their lifestyle. They are just living life to the fullest, in the best way they can given their circumstances.Its not all fun and games, it is full of obstacles, but it is a more palatable way of facing these hurdles and hopefully overcoming them at some point.
I am therefore declaring that I too have followed that philosophy and this Eureka moment today, confirm finally why I am what I am and living like I do, and the reason for it. The alternatives for me are too hard to even contemplate.


Anonymous said...

You look more Bristol than Cambridge.

Rajaratarala said...

well you are right. I went to high school in Cambridge and thats when I got those spectacles, but I went to the University of Bristol to read Economics.
Not Bad so now a little bit about you may inspire me more!!!