Friday, June 20, 2008

food prices in polonnaruwa higher than in western province

the photo of my plate was of prawns caught in the river in front of my cabin in Raja Ela, Hingurakgoda and much tastier than lagoon prawns.

I sold two Ambun banana bunches yesterday, in Hingurakgoda for a Rs1000/- that was for 125 fruit. This is the retail price I sell in my shop, while here the retail price is nearly double at Rs15/- a fruit. So it is a no brainier for me not to haul it all the way, but sell where it is grown. I am told that it is very difficult to grow here in Hingurakgoda, but all three bunches I have taken and sold here have been commended and the shop-keeper told me to bring as many as I want to him to sell. I must therefore try and see what I can do to increase the quantities of this variety of banana in this property.

I have now come to the conclusion that there is a more lucrative market right here for my produce rather than my trying to take it all the way back to the farm in Godagama for sale there. That’s good news for the long term when I am hoping to increase my supply from this base and spend all my time here.

A monkey is grooming another almost in front of me not a bit frightened of my presence. They are a major farmers’ pest, eating everything they can get hold of and the populations have increased alongside the human populations they seem to feed off. They have yet to be taken on the do not kill list. I believe a serious culling is necessary in order to protect food production and the farmers will be relieved.

This increases the cost of food production. I also notice that there are very few people growing vegetables and so if I am successful at increasing the cultivation, I should actually take a stall at the Sunday fair in Hingurakgoda to sell my produce. I am taking 6 bunches of Kolikuttu to Godagama tomorrow and wonder if it is better for me to sell here too, as by the time I take it to the grand dames in Colombo, who will say not ripe yet etc and have to handle it many times, a quick sale of all to one fruit shop will reduce a lot of hassle as well as the wastage in transport.

I am also growing aubergines and have now decided to sell most of it locally as I am unable to travel often due to the high cost of fuel, where I have cut down the journeys I plan on making by half, to just two a month.

A significant shift in the marketing of my produce is called for to make optimum use of the produce I have as well as the most practical and profitable ways to dispose of them.

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