Friday, July 25, 2008

the worst period for the king coconut grower, seller and distributor

2008 has been a very bad year for my sales of king coconuts which is my largest revenue source. First it was a year of incessant rain in Colombo (rain still continuing) where my market is and people do not drink this when it rains. To cap an already bad year, where even the man who climbs the trees failed to honor his commitment to turn up on the requested dates, the government has decided to raze all the unauthorised shops on the roads selling products like king coconuts to the weary traveller, and when I came with my load today I found all my regular customers had been steamrolled literally and their livelihoods reduced ostensibly on account of SAARC.

I am all things, a grower, a buyer from other growers, a transporter, a distributor to kades and the golf club and finally also delivering to homes of customers, so I have been affected at all stages of this business, and today the prices are less than a year ago and my sales down over 30% in volume.

Hey what's new when one is down one is really trampled over just to make sure he is finished!!! I have 90 left to sell now at the back of my pickup, does anyone want any? one of the healthiest beverages on the face of the earth looking for a mouth~


Anonymous said...

Not a direct response to this post, but a general comment.

I stumbled on to your blog quite serendipitously, and all I can say is that you are one heck of a rala to actually live the life many of us can only dream of.

Hope the culture of 'attention whoring' in the blogophere will not distract you from the real business of living the life you want.

I would be curious to know if you have time for exploring Buddhist meditation, which sounds like an ideal complement to keeping the kind of level headedness you seem to be interested in.

You know that Sri Lanka is the source of the most unadulterated version of Buddhism and yet few have a genuine interest. Another unfathomable paradox for the pradise island.

Good luck. Keep up the good work.

රුවන් said...

I have drunk many brands of Coconut Water in Cans. However there is nothing like drinking a nice King Coconut from Sri Lanka. Any thoughts of venturing out into canning King Coconut Water as a drink for export to countries like U.K., Canada, U.S.A. etc. ? Most of these canned Coconut Water are from Thailand. I do not know whether King Coconut drink in Cans are yet being exported from Sri Lanka.

විවිධ වෙළඳ නම් වලින් යුත් කෑන් කරන ලද පොල්/තැඹිලි වතුර මම බොමි. එහෙත් ශ්‍රී ලාංකාවෙන් බීමට ගන්නා තැඹිලි ගෙඩියක් මෙන් නැත. එංගලන්තය, කැනඩාව, ඇමරිකාව යනාදි රටවලට, තැඹිලි වතුර කෑන් කර අපනයනය කිරීමට අදහසක් නැද්ද? කෑන් කළ පොල් වතුර බොහොමයක්ම අපනයනය කරන්නේ තායිලන්තයයි. මේ වෙනතෙක් තැඹිලි වතුර ශ්‍රී ලංකාවෙන් අපනයනය කරන්නේ දැයි මම නොදනිමි.

Have a look at these links/මේ පුරුක් බලන්න:-
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Goya Coconut Water/ගෝයා පොල් වතුර

Anonymous said...


I love your blogs and hate to see you down like this.

Why don't you start a boutique hotel to supplement your income? You can offer people the true 'cultural tourist' package, rather than what is currently on offer of people staying in 5-stars and venturing out to see ruins before being shuttled back for steak and potatoes poolside.

They say the hotel business is more profitable as well, but how would I know?

Good luck!

Rajaratarala said...

actually it got worse today as I was asked for an additional rupee to pluck the king coconuts and the shop I sell to asked for a two rupee reduction as the price others offer the king coconuts to them.

I told him bluntly I am increasing my cost to him by a rupee and if he does not like reliable deliveries from me which he has had for a while, he can go for an unrealiable one from others at possibly less but for how long!

Andreas said...

Dear Rajaratarala, could you send me your e-mail address to, please? I would like to discuss some things with you.

I'm looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards
Andreas from Germany

Anonymous said...

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Kalani Hansika Sandamini said...

I want to know that the way water comes to king coconuts.please give me a solution as soon as possible.

Kalani Hansika Sandamini said...

I want to know that the way water comes to king coconuts.please give me a solution as soon as possible.