Thursday, June 28, 2007

being single

What does it mean when we say we are single? That in the usual parlance, it is that we do not have any attachments, usually as in a relationship. We can be single out of choice or out of circumstance. This situation may be temporary or permanent. We may like it or dislike this status.

We have to cope for the duration and make a complete life for ourselves. It is true many single people envy those in relationships, and many in relationships envy those who are single. However if there is any doubt in our perception, then for one reason or another we are either not happy being single or being in a relationship.

Only if we are not satisfied, should we try and take positive steps to feel better, either by patching up the relationship, or filling in the void; or change our status. We sometimes fail to achieve what we want, but we should not get disheartened, we should just accept the fact that this is only temporary and the future will be only better.

When we are then happy in our status then look no further.

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