Thursday, June 28, 2007


What is education? I don't believe education is what we learn at school. It is only part of our education and we learn or should learn as much from our parents as we do from school and in that respect eduction is a life time learning process that never ceases.

If we all think in that way then there will not be a crisis in eduction. Qualifications only are useful to someone who is looking to see if you have the tools to do whatever it is required of you. However it does not show whether you can actually do the job. So an interviewer has to at the interview by various testing methods as well as by first impressions make the judgement call on whether you have the capabilities of carrying out the task at hand, and also if you don't at first, that you are likely to learn on the job.

On a broader sense education is important in how we live our lives, and as long as we believe we can learn something every day, we should be satisfied that we meet the criteria of being educated.

So now you know who I will refer to as an educated person. Not the PhD who comes to advise me on new farming techniques, but the farmer who cannot read, but can share 50 years of farming experience on the same land!

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