Friday, June 29, 2007

conviction of belief

I am generally very clear in my attitude and opinion on many subjects. I am always prepared to hear an argument that may result in my changing those beliefs. In that sense I am not blindly rigid. I can use sense, reason and logic to come up with my core beliefs.

It is important for us to have a strong view on subjects that matter, and be able to defend them in any way one can. It is not blind conviction,as a result of someone's opinion, it must be reasoned and rational. We are not all born debaters or can we articulate our views as well as another person. All you need is a sense of what is right and wrong, with an element of common decency and morality and all problems of the day are solved.

Religious extremism is a root cause of many of the problems and conflicts in the world, and actually run counter to the true teachings of the religions these extremists purport to defend. It is a shame that the overwhelming populations of the world who have the same goals and ambitions for their families are suffering due to a minority of extremists, who we are unable to neutralize. That is the indictment of society today.

Hold an opinion with conviction, try and back it up with reason, and defend your opinion when attacked. Your attacker may change his opinion as a result.

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