Friday, June 29, 2007

the truth as an electoral liability

There is a saying that "we hear what we want to hear" that goes for seeing, reading and believing among others.

Often politicians are torn between what is correct and determining if that makes you unpopular. Various logical reasoning is done by individuals. I will do or say anything to get elected, so when I am in power I will do what is right! Telling the audience the truth will not get me elected. Therefore election promises are just that with never an intention of them ever being implemented.

It does not matter where one is, east or west rich or poor, in elections this is a universal reality. How can we get electors to make hard choices knowing they are inevitable, in preference to making statements that are untrue so the choice is easy for the elector. If this premise is taken to its ultimate conclusion, then the liar becomes President and the person telling the truth becomes a has been. Its a cruel world where lies are rewarded. In life people have now accepted this as a universal mantra.

It is worth taking a stab at telling the truth. Its the way it is conveyed to the audience that is important, so it becomes believable. That's the secret. One must know the potential audience to tailor the point to their level of understanding.

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