Friday, June 29, 2007

love and romance

The greatest satisfaction in life is to love and be loved . We may love someone, that person may not love you. So we spend the next period of our lives trying to convince her to love, if we decide she is the one.This invariably results in failure as the I love you, you love me connection is usually instant or within a short dating span.

If we believe there is a soul mate out there for us, we spend a lifetime searching for this soul mate. Most people give up on this idea after a while and just hook up for practical reasons other than love as is done usually in arranged marriage situations and marriages of convenience for procreation or companionship.

Of course a friendship through time can become intense and then one day you realize you are also truly in love. If only the friendship is reciprocated and not the love, then it is not complete.

Many cynics don't believe in love and think it highly overrated, and rarely happens. I believe that often love is not permanent. It can take various forms and grow as it matures, but it can also disappear as in 'fall out of love for no obvious reason' than 'I don't love you any more'

In the realm of love there are books, poetry and all things written, but the bottom line is when you know you truly love someone who can also say that it is reciprocated, there can be no greater earthly pleasure. It does not matter if it is only for a short period, the intensity of ecstasy is enough when both feel the same.

Don't confuse this with sex, it can only be an optional byproduct of love.

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