Thursday, June 28, 2007

new to blogging

I have just been introduced to the world of blogging by a friend. I have not had access to the internet for a few years since my move to the village and find this a way of both sharing my thoughts but also informing my friends and relatives about what I am up to.

As part of this exercise I was surfing through many of the Sri Lankan based blogs and find that they are well designed and constructed by their bloggers who appear to be tec savvy, but reading what they have to say, I find the content lacking in direction. Also there is little substance in what is written.

Journal blogs are fine as they are primarily to be shared by one's family and friends. Then there are the informational blogs about current affairs or news, but many are very 'off the charts', with people trying to show off how educated they are, with a bunch of technical content and little relevance to information proper.

I therefore decided that I would use this blog for my musings and thoughts and another for what I have been up to with information on my daily activities so people can get an idea of what I am about these days.

Unfortunately I will only be able to get on line very infrequently to update the blog and read comments so I ask those who send me comments to be patient and understanding, as I do not have direct access to the net nor do I have electricity at my residence.

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