Friday, June 29, 2007

what might have been

We sometimes wonder how our lives might have changed had certain events taken a different turn. It is most annoying when other people make that judgement on our behalf. For example' if you did not go overseas for that job or whatever you could have been this or that'.

It is not really productive to dwell on that, except, I believe to feel good about the path life has taken. Human beings tend to look at the might have been as a better situation than the present. We fail to realize that it could actually have been worse. For example say in an accident, if one is unscathed we rarely dwell on the might have been, that of some serious injury or death.

I believe we have control of our destiny and we have to live with the consequences of our actions, but it is best to look positively at the choices we have taken as being for the best and if for one reason or another we can improve on our present situation, we should then take steps to make that change.

Life is what we make of it. We owe no debt, nor does anyone owe us anything. We suffer or enjoy the consequences of our actions. Most of all we must follow our instincts in preference to blindly following what others want of us.

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