Thursday, June 28, 2007

experience in life

Our lives are what we make of it. Sometimes circumstances determine our fate. We cannot choose who we are born to. Everyone on earth has a different life and no one except God has the insight into our true lives. We cannot hide anything from God as he sees right through you all the time. You can hide from man and show him that side of you that you want seen.

Life experience is the education of life that no book or mother can teach. There are many things you only learn from your experience. So the more experiences you have the greater your insight will be. If we are fortunate to have a greater breath of experience it is a good thing to share that with others who are not so fortunate to have that level of experience.

Experience has no direct corrolation to happiness, so it is not a prerequisite to life. It just means you have a greater ability to share diverse points of view formed as a result of the experience you gain.

This is a reason we sometimes seek wise counsel from the elders as they have sometimes experienced what we are only now going through. This will help us to gain insight and to learn from others, so they pass the benefit of their experience.

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