Friday, June 29, 2007

fear of death

Death is part of life, and in that sense a natural process of the life cycle. If one has tried to live a life that is wholesome, and decent, one does not have to fear death.

Our minds are too full of unfinished business, that we fear that we are not ready to die. We should just clear our minds and realize we can then face death at anytime without fear. It is more important to make sure those we leave behind are adequately reinforced, not with money, but the ability to carry on in our absence. This is what we fail to do in our race to try and live longer and fight death.

We don't know when death will take over our lives, so we must live life in the knowledge that we can leave this earth at anytime. This gives strength for the rest of the time we live and can improve how we live our lives.

We can prepare for death and live a full life in the meantime.Ironically it may actually prolong life and improve the quality of our lives in the process.

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